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WIND ROSE with special guest XANDRIA sell out the Oriental Theatre in Denver, CO April 23rd, 2024

Another chilly concert night in Denver, Colorado as I joined the many fans waiting for the doors to open at the Oriental Theatre. I was excited to see Wind Rose for the first time and Xandria for the second time. Many fans were dressed for the and there were a lot of people with pickaxes. No worries though, those pickaxes were the inflatable kind.

As the lights dropped and the crowd roared, one by one Xandria members took the stage waving and urging their fans on. They opened their set with, “You Will Never Be Our God” from the new album, The Wonders Still Waiting. Vocalist Ambre Vourvahis angelic vocals filled the venue air to the delight of the crowd. They went back and forth in time with songs, 2017’s “Death to the Holy”, and “Reborn” from their newest album. Xandria moved about the stage enacting with each which is always fun to watch and for me to photograph. (see photo gallery)

A real treat was when the band played their newest song “UNIVERSAL” which was released just a week ago. Xandria finished their set going back to 2014’s “Nightfall”. The crowd, their fans, cheered and waved in appreciation for a great set of music. The strong musicianship, wonderful vocals by Ambre, I can’t imagine it won’t be long before Xandria is touring the world on their own headlining tour.

Xandria are:

Marco Heubaum – rhythm guitar 

Ambre Vourvahis – vocals 

Rob Klawonn – lead guitar 

Tim Schwarz – bass 

Cooper Dustman - drums


You Will Never Be Our God

Death to the Holy



Your Stories I’ll Remember

Two Worlds


A stagehand flashed his light and a roar from the sold out venue that could wake the dead came from Wind Rose’s very enthusiastic fans. One by one each member made their way on stage to waving, cheering fans. The band was dressed like they just came from a Renaissance Fair. Wind Rose wasted no time in escalating the energy level that their fans had started, beginning their set with, “Army of Stone” from their 2022 album, Warfront.

The power brought forward by each member of Wind Rose was something to hear and fun to watch as they moved about the stage headbanging and interacting with the crowd. As the band moved through their set of powerful songs, the crowd would sing, wave their inflatable pickaxes and headbang like there was no tomorrow. As a photographer, I was having a great time moving back and forth in the pit capturing the amazing show. 

The band moved back and forth through time with song’s,  “Mine Mine Mine” and “Drunken Dwarves” from the 2019 album, Wintersaga. Their fans were going strong as ever headbanging and chopping in the air with those inflatable pickaxes. When Wind Rose started, “Diggy Diggy Hole” the crowd roared and sang along with the band. This very popular song has massed over 54 million plays on Spotify.

A short break and Wind Rose closed out their night with,  “I Am the Mountain”

What a show, as I mentioned, this was my first time seeing Wind Rose and I can’t wait for their return to the US in the future. There are still about 9 shows left on this tour, get out and catch this amazing tour!

Wind Rose are:

Francesco Cavalieri – lead vocals 

Claudio Falconcini – guitars, backing vocals 

Federico Meranda – keyboards 

Cristiano Bertocchi – bass, backing vocals 

Federico Gatti – drums 


Army of Stone

Fellows of the Hammer

Drunken Dwarves

Mine Mine Mine!

Gates of Ekrund

The King Under the Mountain

The Battle of the Five Armies

The Art of War

Tales of War

Together We Rise

Diggy Diggy Hole

Diggy Diggy Hole (Dance Remix)

Tomorrow Has Come

I Am the Mountain


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