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High Speed Media is excited to announce its expansion into the realm of gaming with the launch of High Speed Gaming. Recognizing the immense potential and growing popularity of gaming as a form of entertainment and engagement, the company aims to leverage its expertise in media and marketing to establish a strong presence on Twitch, the leading platform for live-streaming gaming content.

Three hexagon frames, top one has an orange High Speed Sign illuminated, middle is james Schauer in the racing simulator, bottom is a close up of James Schauer driving in the racing simulator


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Interested in sponsorship? Give us a call at: (719) 283-1551

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Get Ready To Play

Our PC of choice is the Voyager II from Starforge Systems featuring:

- Intel Core i7-14700K

- Deepcool LS720 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler

- RAM Teamgroupd Delta RGB 32Gb DDR5 6000 CL38 (2x16GB)

- MSI Z790 Tomahawk Wifi DDR5 Motherboard

- GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super 16GB Graphics Card

- 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVME Storage

- MSI MAG A850GL PCIe 5 Power Supply

Click here to get our PC

Our racing simulator of choice is the TR120  from Trak Racer featuring:

- Includes seat slider rails
- Thicker-walled aluminum profile
- Heavy-duty brackets with side-mounted wheel uprights for rigidity
- Over 30 add-on accessories to select from
- Flight Simulator Expandable

Click here to check out our sim chassis!

Gaming Highlights

Our E-Sports team prides itself on constantly expanding into the gaming atmosphere. We are working on adding an array of games to reach different audiences as time goes on. Currently, our top most streamed game is Assetto Corsa. 

Two hexagon frames with a picture of a keyboard lit by purple and orange lights, second frame has closeup of the La Prima steering wheel

What To Expect

  • Live Gaming Streams: Tune in to High Speed's Twitch channel for live gaming sessions featuring a mix of popular titles and community-requested games, hosted by our passionate team of gamers.

  • Community Engagement: Engage with fellow gamers and High Speed Media team members in live chat, Discord channels, and social media platforms to share gaming tips, discuss industry trends, and build lasting connections.

  • Brand Integration: Partner with High Speed Media Gaming for unique brand integration opportunities within our gaming content, including sponsored streams, product placements, and custom activations tailored to your brand objectives.

Game On

  • Authenticity: As gamers ourselves, we understand the nuances of gaming culture and strive to create authentic content that resonates with our audience.

  • Diversity: Our commitment to diversity extends beyond games to encompass a variety of genres, platforms, and perspectives, ensuring there's something for everyone in our gaming lineup.

  • Innovation: We're not afraid to push the boundaries of gaming content creation, experimenting with new formats, technologies, and storytelling techniques to deliver fresh and engaging experiences. 

Three hexagon frames first is a close up of the back of the La Prima steering wheek, second is a picture of the same steering wheel as a driver operates it, third is a close up of Dekota Rojas driving the racing simulator

Featured Games


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