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Finland's Korpiklaani bring their Rankarumpu North American Tour to the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colorado May 1st, 2024

I arrived early at the Gothic Theatre to join a small group of fans for the meet and greet with Visions of Atlantis. They and Illumishade were supporting Korpiklaani on this US tour. The meet and greet included a four song acoustic set, a picture with the band and then just hanging out and chatting with the members as they signed items their fans brought with them. It was a great time.

The stage was set and the lights came down as a tape played, “Enter the Void” to a roaring crowd as the members of Illumishade made their way onto the stage. This was their first time touring in the US. Here’s a fun fact about how Illumishade was created. Fabienne Erni, (also the lead singer of the band Eluveitie) was working on obtaining her masters degree and had to put together a music concept and band to obtain her master's degree in September 2018. Afterwards, all band members decided to continue the band and record an album. They released their second album in February of this year. 

The band started their set with “Elegy” from their new album, Another Side Of You and the power from the very talented band and Fabienne’s amazing voice filled the air of the Gothic Theatre. Throughout their set, Fabienne would move about the stage, her long red hair flowing from side to side as she interacted with her band members and the crowd. After each song, the cheering from the crowd was louder and louder. They finished their amazing set with “World’s End” from their first album, ECLYPTIC: Wake Of Shadows. What a great start to the night from Illumishade!


Enter the Void @Tape



Here We Are


In the Darkness



Tales of Time

World’s End

Edge of Dusk (Outro) @Tape

With the turn over of the stage done, it was time for the pirates of Visions of Atlantis to take over the stage. One by one the members made their way out to the stage and started their set with “Master the Hurricane” from their 2022 album, Pirates. Clémentine Delauney came out followed by Michele Guaitoli and these two amazing vocalists came together and poured out their powerful vocals to a roaring crowd. That was until a technical issue happened and they left the stage so they could start over. Their set in Salt Lake City, Utah was interrupted by  technical issues. Within a few minutes the issue was resolved and the pirates returned like nothing had happened. 

One of the most charismatic duos in the world of symphonic metal, Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli, took over the stage, and to watch and listen to them was mesmerizing. Between songs Michele would interact with the crowd, getting them fired up and moving with the music. With a mixture of songs, “Mercy” from their 2022 album Pirates, “Heroes of the Dawn” from 2019’s Wanderers and from their upcoming new album Armada, the song “Armada”. They finished their set with “Legion of the Seas” and Michele came out waving a black flag with the initials, VOA in large white letters. Drummer Thomas  Caser also ran around the stage waving the flag to a cheering crowd. Then, together arm in arm the pirates took their bows and said good night to a crowd that cheered in appreciation for an awesome show.

Visions of Atlantis members:

Thomas Caser – drums (2000–present)

Clémentine Delauney – female vocals (2013–present)

Christian Douscha – guitars (2017–present)

Herbert Glos – bass (2017–present)

Michele Guaitoli – male vocals (2018–present)


Master the Hurricane



Tonight I'm Alive

Heroes of the Dawn



Melancholy Angel

Pirates Will Return

Legion of the Seas

As I watched the stage being set for Korpiklaani, it was interesting to see many large fake plants on either side of the drum riser. A picket fence in front of the riser and vines wrapped around the mic stands. It had been a few years since I last saw Korpiklaani but I do remember it was a fun show. Their music is described as Folk Metal and starting their set of 22 songs was “Kotomaa” from their new album Rankarumpu released last month, and the energy level from the stage hit the ceiling! No one on stage, except the drummer, didn’t stay in one place very long. Vocalist Jonne Järvelä with a smile that would light up Denver, was singing his heart out as violinist Olli Vänskä made his way to the front of the stage smiling and showing off his skills. He moves on and Sami Perttula on the accordion moves up and this would go on all night!  

I thought I was at a hootenanny, the crowd was moving with the band, I don’t think there was a single person in the venue that was not smiling, you couldn’t help it! Remember, I said the last time I saw them it was fun but that is the understatement of the year. Through a set of music with songs going back and forth in time like, “Wooden Pints” from 2003, “Ievan polkka” from 2012, and “Happy Little Boozer” from 2006. 

A set of 22 songs you would think we would be here for hours but, their songs are not long. The first three songs I photographed in about 12 minutes. As I walked out of the pit, I raised up three fingers to the security guy and he laughed and said, yup! I made my way around the venue and up into the balcony taking pictures and watching the crowd. People were dancing, jumping up and down all with big smiles on their faces. The guys took a short break and finished their set with a five song encore with the last two songs being, “Beer Beer” and “Vodka”. Yup, that fits the evening.

These three bands put on performances that were outstanding! They all poured out high energy and fun and I can’t imagine anyone not getting a good night's sleep after this show. I sure did!

Korpiklaani members:

Jonne Järvelä – vocals, guitar (1993–present)

Kalle "Cane" Savijärvi – guitar (2003–present)

Jarkko Aaltonen – bass (2005–present)

Sami Perttula – accordion (2013–present)

Samuli Mikkonen – drums (2019–present)

Olli Vänskä – violin (2022–present)



Wooden Pints 2003

A Man With a Plan 2017

Happy Little Boozer 2006

Journey Man

Ievan polkka 2012

Gotta Go Home @Cover



Tuli kokko

Pixies Dance / Juokse sinä humma /

Pidot 2021




Pilli on pajusta tehty

Sanaton maa


Metsämies 2008


Beer Beer 2005