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The Liliac Interview

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Liliac is a band that has transcended boundaries and ignited as a global sensation. Ever since their unforgettable performance on shows like “The World’s Best” and “America’s Got Talent”, Liliac has captivated audiences with their electrifying and raw talent. When I heard the news of them coming through Colorado on tour, I knew I had to seize the opportunity to not only witness their live performance but also delve into the minds and hearts behind their music.

What makes Liliac so intriguing is their unique dynamic–they are the first family of rock, a band consisting of siblings who share an unbreakable bond both on and off the stage.

liliac band

Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

When I arrived at the venue, The Wild Goose Saloon in Parker, Colorado, Liliac was still doing sound check and I was blown away by the lead singer's voice right away. Excitement coursed through my veins as I eagerly anticipated the moment when I would join them in the green room, ready to start my interview with this remarkable band.

Liliac band

Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

In addition to the announcement of the new album, Liliac had another big announcement in store. The band revealed their plans for a European tour and it is evident that Liliac is ready to take their music beyond borders. All the members are very excited about this journey ahead of them.

During the interview, I couldn’t resist asking each member about their favorite song to perform live. When I asked that question without hesitation, Melody’s face lit up, and she responded with enthusiasm, “Carousel!” This particular song has consistently gained positive reactions from their fans. After the interview I was able to experience the awe-inspiring reactions during their encore performance of ‘Carousel’ and it was clear the fans simply couldn’t get enough of Liliac’s captivating performance. To add to that they invited a few fans on stage, including myself, to sing along and have an unforgettable experience.

Throughout the interview, I was so impressed with how humble and kind each member of the band was. During the interview, Melody gave us an update about the new album saying it will be released July 7th and that they are planning to perform a few of those new songs on this tour!

Liliac Band

Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

As the interview progressed, I asked each member to give advice to young aspiring musicians. Their responses were inspiring and motivational such as “Keep it fun, follow your dreams, and promote well with social media!” Their words provide a beacon of encouragement for the next generation of musicians.

Between the amazing experience of talking to the band backstage and witnessing their captivating live performance, one thing becomes clear–the positive energy and unwavering passion that emanates from every member of Liliac. From the moment they took the stage, each member poured their heart and soul into every note and every lyric. As the lights dimmed and the echoes of applause lingered in the air, it was impossible not to reflect on the great combination of positive energy and genuine passion that defined Liliac’s music.

Liliac Band

Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

A huge thank you goes out to the band for giving me the opportunity to interview them and cover their show. I would also like to give another thanks to my long-time friend Terrell Stewart for supporting and encouraging me to pursue my passion for covering live music.

Liliac Members:

Melody Cristea - Vocals Samuel Cristea- Lead Guitarist Abigail Cristea - Drummer Ethan Cristea - Bassit Justin Cristea - Keyboardist


Rise Up Not Afraid Monsters Are Dead Buried Alive Crazy Train We Fight We Fall Entersandman Sail Away Seven Nation Army

–Guitar Solo–

Mars Chain Of Thorns Rebel Girl Holy Diver Madness Dear Father



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