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The KrashKarma Interview

KrashKarma is a Metal Duo that showcases female drummer Niki Skistimas, and Ralf Dietel who plays a one-of-a-kind guitar/bass hybrid; both sharing lead vocals duties.

KrashKarma is an amazing talented Metal Duo, showcasing female drummer Niki Skistimas, who also takes the lead on vocals, and Ralf Dietel who plays a one-of-a-kind guitar/bass hybrid along with being the co-lead vocalist! This duo demonstrates the immense power that can be created by just two passionate musicians.

Their performance proves that music knows no boundaries and with hard work and dedication, two individuals can create a force to be reckoned with. I had the pleasure of interviewing the band before their live performance at Sunshine Studios Live to get more insight into their creative process and their experience so far on their world tour.

KrashKarma band

From the moment I sat down with them, it was evident that they were not only extremely talented musicians but also genuinely personable individuals. One aspect that stood out during the interview was their appreciation for their fans. They expressed how they love the connection they have with their audience and treat their fans like friends. It is great to see their genuine gratitude for the support they receive, regardless of what venue they are performing at. Whether it is a small venue or a massive stadium, they perform with the same powerful energy every time they take the stage.


Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

KrashKarma believes in producing content that brings them genuine happiness and fulfillment. They shared that social media has not only connected them with fans across the United States but has expanded their reach to international audiences.

After the interview, I got to witness their live performance and it was filled with energy and passion that took over the whole venue. Their genuine love for their craft and their fans was apparent in every note, making the performance a personal experience for everyone. In addition to KrashKarma’s amazing performance, the opening bands Hell’s Circus and Sabbatar also delivered outstanding sets.


Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

At the show, Sabbatar, a hard rock band that is on the rise in Colorado delivered an impressive and high-energy performance. I also had a chance to interview them beforehand. They’re very dedicated to their music and committed to expanding their fan base. Sabbatar started its journey in 1983 and has evolved into the band they are today; with decades of experience, they has refined their sound and captivated audiences with their live performance.

A huge thank you guys out to both bands for giving me the opportunity to interview them and cover their show! Stay tuned for more interviews through MNPR Magazine and promotion through High Speed Media.


Photo Credit: Kalie Martinez

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