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Styx and Foreigner bring their Renegades & Juke Box Heros tour to Denver, Colorado’s Ball Arena 6-25-2024 with special guest John Waite

Updated: Jun 28

This past Tuesday night I had the pleasure of covering this tour with these great classic rock bands who I have been listening to for over 45 years. Starting the evening off was John Waite and as he made his way on stage, the older crowd greeted him with a cheering roar. John opened his set with “Midnight Rendezvous” from 2016 with The Baby’s which his fans remembered with a cheer. Though his set was short, the crowd made him feel at home singing with him when he started the song, “When I See You Smile” from 1989 with Bad English. His fans enjoyed the good mixture of songs and he finished his set with “Whole Lotta Love/Let Me Love You Baby”. The crowd stood and cheered as John with a big smile said goodnight.

John Waite - Vocals & Guitar

touring members

Tim Hogan - bass

Brent Woods - Guitar

Alan Childs - drums


Midnight Rendezvous 

Change @Cover

When I See You Smile 

Missing You

Head First 

Back on My Feet Again 

Whole Lotta Love / Let Me Love You Baby

With a smooth turnover of the stage, it was time for Styx and I was excited to see them again. I first saw them in 1977 and I couldn't help but think, damn, 47 years have gone by and they were also the very first band I took pictures of live. With the lights dancing and their fans roaring, Styx opened their set with, “The Grand Illusion” from the 1977 album of the same name. I could feel the smile on my face light up, and I and their fans knew it was just the start of a great set to come. For me, a malfunction with my camera and though I could listen, I spent the first two songs figuring out the problem. Just before Styx started their third song, “Lady” the problem was solved and I shot up a storm of pictures during the song.

Styx moved through time with song’s, “Miss America”, “Blue Collar Man” (Long Nights) and the crowd was singing with them. Sitting up in my seat watching and listening to the crowd and I was rocking with them, though I pasted on the singing. (Lol) On stage, the band members moved about interacting with each other and their fans.

The lighting was awesome as it danced over the stage and out into the crowd. From where I was sitting, I could see all around the venue and it was so good to see everyone having a great time. Styx finished up their set with a 2 song encore of, “Mr. Roboto” and “Renegade” with Chuck Panozzo and blew everyone away! The band took their bows to a cheering, roaring crowd showing their appreciation for a great show, a really great show.

Styx members:

James "JY" Young: Founding guitarist and lead vocals

Tommy Shaw: Lead vocals and guitars

Chuck Panozzo: Original bassist who often appears as a guest musician

Lawrence Gowan: Lead vocals and keyboards

Todd Sucherman: Drums and percussion

Will Evankovich – guitar, backing vocals, occasional mandolin


The Grand Illusion

Too Much Time on My Hands



Crash of the Crown

Miss America

Rockin' the Paradise

Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

The Best of Times

Deep in the Heart of Texas @Cover

Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)

Come Sail Away @Info[With Chuck Panozzo]

Mr. Roboto @Info[With Chuck Panozzo]

Renegade @Info[With Chuck Panozzo]

As people were catching their breath, the stage was being turned over again in a timely manner for Foreigner’s turn to rock the house. I had the pleasure of covering Foreigner’s tour last year and it was awesome, so I had a good idea of what I was about to see and shoot this night.

The crowd was settling in as the lights came down and they started cheering as Foreigner took to the stage and started their set with, “Double Vision” from their 1978 album of the same name and the house rockin. Vocalist Kelly Hansen was on the move and the fun of shooting Foreigner began. Along with great music there was also great lighting and no slowing down of stage presence from the band. Kelly carries his mic stand everywhere and dances with it as well. “Head games” and “Cold as Ice” followed and the crowd were on their feet rockin and singing as guitarist Bruce Watson hypnotized the crowd with his magic fingers all over his guitar. He too was on the move along with guitarist Luis Maldanado and bassist, Jeff Pilson

Moving through their set list with favorites that kept the crowd dancing and singing with, “Dirty White Boy” and “Feels Like the First Time”. The fun part about being a concert photographer is when the band members interact with you with looks, pointing at you or leaning right into the camera lens.(see photo gallery) At the same time delighting the crowd doing pretty much the same thing while they are using their cell phones to capture the moments. They guys jumped into an instrumental jam session followed by, “Urgent” then it was drummer Chris Frazier’s turn to wow the crowd with a solo of his own.

When the band kicked off “Juke Box Hero” the crowd went nuts, it’s hard not to with that song and then the band took a short break and returned to finish their evening with, “I Want to Know What Love Is” and “Hot Blooded”. Foreigner took their bows to a cheering, roaring crowd showing their appreciation for a great set of music and what a night it was. I think close to 20,000 people and the bands got a good night's sleep. The way the energy poured back and forth throughout the night I slept really well!

This show is very early in this tour, with 30+ more stops, the tour is a must see for anyone who loves good rock and roll and adding a great stage show is the cherry on top. Don’t miss this tour, it won’t happen again.

I personally want to thank the bands for an awesome night, this one goes down in the musical history books!

Foreigner members:

Bruce Watson - guitarist

Michael Bluestein - keyboards

Kelly Hansen - vocals

Jeff Pilson - bassist

Luis Maldanado - guitarist

Chris Frazier - drums


Double Vision

Head Games

Cold as Ice

Waiting for a Girl Like You

Dirty White Boy

Feels Like the First Time

Instrumental Jam Session


Drum Solo

Juke Box Hero

I Want to Know What Love Is 

Hot Blooded