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Updated: Jan 7

After a powerful run earlier this year, Static X returns with their, Killer machine Tour with, Sevendust, Dope, and Lines of Loyalty. It was a chilly evening when I arrived at the Fillmore Auditorium but that didn't stop music fans from lining up early for tonight's show.

Staring the evening off was, Lines of Loyalty, a three piece band from Wisconsin. Right away the band captured the attention of the crowd with their opening song, "Hurts to be Human" from their recently released album (Oct 1st 2023) of the same name. Their set consisted of the songs from this album. The band moved through their set with a lot of energy especially from bassist Redo Ianni who was all over the stage. (see photo gallery) The band was solid in their music and made a big impression on the crowd evident by the way the responded to them when the finished their set.

Lines of Loyalty are:

Glenn "Nubz" Morrison - vocals, guitar

Redo Ianni - bass, vocals, keys

Brayden Pike - drums, percussion


Hurts to be Human

I'm Not the One


With Or Without You

My Addiction

Winless War

Because of You

Dope took over the stage to a roar from the crowd and opened their set with, "Blood Money" from their 2016 album of the same name. They kept the crowd moving throughout their set going back and forth in time with songs, "Bitch" from 2002, "Debonaire" from 1999, and finished their set with, "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record" from 2009. Though their set was short their fans enjoyed the journey through time with their songs.

Dope are:

Edsel Dope – lead vocals, programming, rhythm guitar, keyboards

Virus – lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards

Acey Slade – bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Daniel Fox – drums, bass

Set List:

Blood Money

Bring it on(Fuck Tomorrow Mix)

Bitch 2002

Debonaire 1999

Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, Fuck 2009

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record

Next up was Sevendust. It had been about 5+ years since I last covered them and was looking forward to seeing them again. They started their set with, "I Might Let the Devil Win" from their new album, Truth Killer released in July of this year. Right away their fans were soaking up the music and the powerful voice of, Lajon Witherspoon. The energy was spilling from the stage and the crowd was moving with it. Drummer Morgan Rose was in his own world with arms waving about and head banging at the same time. (see photo gallery)

At times Lajon would interact with the crowd and always with a big smile that would light up the stage in itself. With a mixture of songs from their most recent album Sevendust blended in songs going back to 1997's "Bitch", 2005's "Hero", and 2010's "Splinter" and their fans were loving it. Winding down the 14 song set, the band finished with, 2003's "Face to Face". It was a great pleasure seeing Sevendust again and I will always recommend seeing them live.

Sevendust members:

Vince Hornsby – bass, backing vocals

Morgan Rose – drums, backing vocals,

John Connolly – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Lajon Witherspoon – lead vocals

Clint Lowery – lead guitar, backing vocals

Set List:

I Might Let the Devil Win

Truth Killer


Till Death





Strong Arm Broken





Face to Face

The stage was now set for Static X. A giant creature with an evil pumpkin head walked out to the front of the stage and stood. The lights darkened and the light inside the pumpkin's head turned to an evil orange. As the giant pumpkin left the stage, Static X made their way out. Lead singer XerO climbed up onto a podium and the band exploded into "Hollow" from their 2020 album, Project Regeneration Vol. 1. With fans roaring Static X moved right into "Terminator Oscillator" and the crowd was moving hard. XerO then moved to the front of the stage and continued with, "Love Dump" and by now a pit opened up and their energic fans were on the move.

The cyborg-like mask that XerO was wearing, has wires for hair, a molded carbon fiber look with glowing red eyes. Throughout their 17 song set, Static X reached back with songs, 1999's "Wisconsin Death Trip", 2001's "This Is Not" and 2011's "I Am'. Lead guitarist Koichi Fukuda had many facial expression's throughout the night, making one wonder, what he was thinking.

Static X topped off the night with, "I'm With Stupid" and "Push It". The crowd cheered and screamed showing their appreciation for a great night of sites and sounds.

Static X members:

Tony Campos – bass, backing vocals

Koichi Fukuda – lead guitar, keyboards, programming

Ken Jay – drums

Xer0 – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Set List:


Terminator Oscillator

Love Dump

Sweat of the Bud

Wisconsin Death Trip 1999


Bled for Days

Black and White

This Is Not 2001


Bien Venidos @Tape

Get to the Gone

I Am

Destroy All


I'm With Stupid

Push It


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