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Rising Star Jessie Murph brings her Cowboys and Angels Tour to Englewood Colorado’s Gothic Theater

October 8, 2023 Selling out two consecutive nights.

I arrived at the Gothic Theater just as the doors were opening and the line was down the street and around the block. As I made my way inside, the air was electric with anticipation for tonight's performance with Jessie Murph. It was a young crowd and already the energy level was on the rise.

Opening this evening's show was another young artist, Henry Verus, who gained a very big following on TiK Tok. Henry started his set with, “If I Show You” and his soulful voice carried through the venue. Throughout his set, he sang with a deep passion which had the audience slowly swaying back and forth. Henry finished his set with, “Bad News” and the crowd let out a roar of appreciation for his music.


If I Showed You

Hold My Crown

Avoid It

Tennessee Whiskey



Two Weeks

Your Guilty Pleasure

Bad News

After a quick turnover the stage was now set for Jessie Murph. The touring musicians came out one by one all dressed in white outfits to a thundering roar by Jessie’s fans. In the center of the stage was a large stage riser in front of two large video screens. Jessie stepped out onto the riser from behind the video screen to a deafening cheer and then turned back facing her photographer as she started her set with, “Cowboys And Angels”. She was dressed in a white turtleneck top and long silver puffer pants with various patches in the front. She moved slowly across the riser, her soft raspy voice, (to me) with a bit of hip hop sound carried out into the venue. The video screens behind her were lit up with various images as she sang.

Stepping off the riser and moving to the front of the stage, Jessie would move back and forth across the stage and at times would spin and dance as she sang. She would engage her fans to sing along, pointing her mic out to them. From her first album, Drowning released earlier this year, came the songs, “Drunk in the Bathtub” and “What Happened to Ryan”. She also sang two new songs that were unreleased, “Mean It” and “Wildflowers and Wine”.

It seemed Jessie was moving quickly through her set, but not really. Her songs are short, averaging around 2:30 minutes each. When she started to sing, “Back to Black” an Amy Winehouse cover, the crowd let out a cheer as they had been doing throughout Jessie’s set.

Her fans cheered and screamed throughout the evening and would sing along as Jessie engaged with them. She finished her evening with “Heartbroken” in a way that was how her fans felt because they would have loved to hear more from Jessie.

This was a very enjoyable evening for me. To watch a young lady put on such a wonderful performance as Jessie did was a real treat for me. She is on an amazing journey and I hope it lasts for many years to come! There are many dates left on this tour, and it is a must see for her fans old and new to experience.

On a special note, a big thank you to Christina of Sony Music who reached out to me and asked me to cover this show, very much appreciated!


Cowboys And Angels

About You

While You're at It

Mean It [New song]

Drunk in the Bathtub

Medley - Sobriety - I Would've


What Happened to Ryan

If I Died Last Night

Back to Black @Cover

How Could You

Wildflowers and Wine @Info[New song]

Always Been You

Someone Like You @Cover

Dirty [New song]


It Ain't Right @Info[New song]

Where Do You Go

Wild Ones [New song]



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