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Pop Artists Yam Haus light up Denver’s Bluebird Theater with special guests Sawyer November 11,2023

I thought it would be a fun night of music when I was asked to cover the pop band, Yam Haus. I was not disappointed. Joining them on this tour were Sawyer whose music has been described as “Indie Sparkle Pop”. The duo of Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey from Nashville, did more than just sparkle on stage. From the start the ladies had the crowd dancing and shouting that set the tone for a fun night.

Kel Taylor was very active as she played her guitar moving about the stage, interacting with Emma and the crowd. She was also quite the talker, in between songs she would tell stories and joke with their fans. The interaction between Kel and Emma was so much fun to watch during their songs and in between. (see the photo gallery) This went on all throughout their set and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time as I worked my way around the crowd photographing them. I look forward to seeing them again.

Sawyer are:

Kel Taylor - guitar,

Emma Harvey - guitar, keyboards

With a quick tour over of the stage, Yam Haus wasted no time in keeping the energy high, opening their set with, “So Long” from their recently released album, Stupid and Famous and their fans were jumping and dancing. Throughout their set the band moved about interacting with each and their fans. Lead singer Lars Pruitt would talk with the crowd and kept them jumping, grooving and dancing as the energy level was high. Lars would start dancing and grooving himself at times dropping down to his knees as his fingers worked their magic on his guitar.

This would continue throughout their set as I watched the crowd and the band and wondered, where do they get all that energy for a 16 song set! They did everything from their newest album along with, “Give Me the Keys” from their 2021 album of the same name. When they performed the acoustic song, “The Thrill” from 2019, they had their fans swaying back and forth getting lost in the lyrics. The band finished their set with, “Sandcastle”. Yam Haus took their bows to a very loud cheering and screaming crowd showing their appreciation for a very fun and energetic night.

Yam Haus are:

Lars Pruitt – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and piano

Zach Beinlich – bass, lead guitar, and backing vocals

Jake Felstow – drums and percussion


So Long


Shakin' Yer Hips

Can't See Anything

Making Out In Cars

Give Me The Keys 2021

First to Try

Phoning It In

Adriana 2020

Color You In

Little Contradictions

Stupid And Famous

Pop Game

Sweet Child Of Mine (Cover)

The Thrill 2019



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