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My tribute to Elize Ryd in pictures through my eyes through my camera

In September 2014 I had the pleasure of seeing the band Amaranthe for the first time. I had been following them for about a year and was blown away by their live show. There are three singers in the band, Elize, clean vocals and two male vocalists, one with clean vocals and one with extreme vocals (growls). Elize’s stage presence was fun to watch as she would interact with band members, their fans and photographers.

The band returned the following year and I had the pleasure of not only meeting the band members but photographing their show for the first time. Elize is always dressed to kill and I photographed them two more times, most recently this past November. Again I had the pleasure of meeting Elize and she signed a couple of pictures for me. This is my photo tribute to Elize Ryd.


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