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My tribute to Ivan Moody in pictures through my eyes through my camera

Before I became a concert photographer I had seen Five Finger Death Punch 3 times. Since becoming a concert photographer, I have covered their shows 6 times in 4 different venues including the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Yeah, you could say I am a fan!

Covering their shows was always a lot of fun and the members loved interacting with their fans and photographers. Front man Ivan Moody with his powerful vocals and great stage presence including various facial gestures was always fun to watch and photograph. As you go through the 60 pictures here, (hey I covered them 6 times :)) you will see what I have been talking about. There was one special night Ivan got into my face, or should I say, my camera. I hope you enjoy my tribute to Ivan Moody through my eyes through my camera.

And, there is one picture of my friend Monica on the rail with the crowd behind her, yup, she’s a fan too!


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