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Motionless in White “The Touring The End Of The World Tour” sells out Denver Colorado’s Mission Ball

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Mission Ballroom October 8th, 2023

Motionless in White touring the end of the world

I arrived at the Mission Ballroom about 45 minutes early to catch up with friends waiting for the doors to open. There were already hundreds of fans in line and more arriving every minute for tonight's sold-out show. The excitement in the air was already high and when the doors opened it continued to rise! The merch line filled fast and stretched from the front of the venue, all the way to the stage, about 75 yards long. The venue capacity is 4000.

Motionless in White touring the end of the world

Opening the show this night was Alpha Wolf, a metalcore band originally from Burnie, Tasmania and are currently in Melbourne, Australia. They bounced onto the stage and vocalist Lochie Keogh jumped up onto a riser at the front of the stage with the crowd cheering raised his arms and the band started their set with, “Rot in Pieces” and got the venue hopping. With the lights dancing through the fog Alpha Wolf moved around the stage and encouraged the crowd to get moving as well. The crowd this night was differently ready for a night of metal and Alpha Wolf’s excellent opening set, set the tone for what was about to come.

Motionless in White touring the end of the world

Alpha Wolf members:

Sabian Lynch – rhythm guitar

John Arnold – bass, backing vocals

Scottie Simpson – lead guitar

Mitch Fogarty – drums

Lochie Keogh – lead vocals


Rot in Pieces

Acid Romance

Bleed 4 You


60cm of Steel


Bring Back the Noise


After the Burial

After the Burial followed suit when they took over the stage opening their set with, “In Flux” from their 2019 album, Evergreen, and the energy stayed high. Crowd surfing was starting and vocalist Anthony Notarmaso took a moment between songs to ask everyone to take care when crowd surfing and to help each other from not getting hurt. With cheer from the crowd, After the Burial continued their set but unfortunately a crowd surfer was hurt and Anthony said, stop the show. The venue was quick to act and the person was taken care of. With the crowd applauding the venue workers, the band returned to the stage and continued with their high-energy set. Closing out their set with, “Behold the Crown” the band said goodnight to a cheering crowd.

After the Burial members:

Trent Hafdahl – lead guitar, backing vocals - rhythm guitar, programming

Anthony Notarmaso – lead vocals

Dan Carle – drums

Adrian Oropeza – bass, backing vocals

After the Burial members:

Trent Hafdahl – lead guitar, backing vocals - rhythm guitar, programming

Anthony Notarmaso – lead vocals

Dan Carle – drums

Adrian Oropeza – bass, backing vocals

Knocked Loose

Next up was Knocked Loose and they took the stage in the same high-energy fashion that kept the venue moving. Opening their set with, “Deep in the Willow” from their newly released 2023 album, Upon Lost Singles a mosh pit opened up and the crowd surfers returned. Watching the crowd through the first three sets saw no slow down to the high energy that flowed through the venue. Knocked Loose powered through their set and finished with, “Everything is Quiet Now”. The first three bands were excellent with their great stage presence and their musicianship! It was my first time seeing these three bands and I was very impressed.

Knocked Loose members:

Bryan Garris – lead vocals

Isaac Hale – lead guitar, backing vocals

Kevin Otten – bass

Kevin "Pacsun" Kaine – drums

Nicko Calderon – rhythm guitar, backing vocals


Deep in the Willow

God Knows

Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory


Where Light Divides the Holler

By the Grave

Denied by Fate


Mistakes Like Fractures

Billy No Mates

Counting Worms

Everything is Quiet Now

Cherry Bombs

With the stage ready, the anticipation was high waiting for what we were about to witness from Motionless in White. The lights dimmed with a roar from the crowd and the large video screen lit up with Chris talking about what they had been planning for this tour. They wanted to bring to their fans something like never before and the video, showed bits and pieces of what they were working on. Then with a count down the band made their way onstage to a tape of, “The Whorror” Chris made his way out to the front of the stage to a deafening roar stepped up onto the riser, and stood there like a statue, the band exploded into, "Meltdown” from their 2022 album, Scoring the End of the World and the stage lit up.

Chris Motionless MIW

The lights came from all over the stage through the fog, the video screen lit up with various images. Then his backup dancers called the Cherry Bombs came out dressed in what looked like mechanical outfits wearing masks, and carrying metal torches shot out flames, and with a wave from the torches in front of them, flames exploded in front of them across the stage. (see the photo gallery) The ladies continued to move about the stage with the flames rising up from everywhere. The crowd surfers started again and During the band's second song, “Sign of Life”, Chris yelled out, "Stop the show! Again the venue's security and first aid jumped into action and in a few moments helped someone who was hurt.

Chris Motionless MIW

Returning to the stage Chris asked for everyone to be careful and watch those around them to be safe. He then told the crowd that they were going back in time with the next song and wasn’t from 2016 or 2012 but 2010’s “Immaculate Misconception” with that, the crowd let out a rousing cheer, the band broke into the song and the stage lit up again. The ladies returned this time with metal plates attached to their waists and with a grinder in their hands they created a shower of sparks across the stage. All the while the video screen has various images dancing about and billowing clouds of C02 were filling the air.

And all this was just during the first three songs of a 20-song setlist!

Cherry Bombs Dancers

Throughout the rest of the night it was quite the production to watch and listen to. Motionless in White continued to go back and forth in time with their music. 2022’s “Masterpiece” which had Lochie Keogh join Chris on stage for the song. “Immaculate Misconception” and 2014 “Reincarnate”. Bryan Garris joined Chris on stage for “Slaughterhouse”. As the evening was coming to a close, Motionless in White finished their set with, “Scoring the End of the World” from their 2022 album of the same name.

What a fantastic show from Motionless in White and great opening bands. If you left the venue not feeling tired, you were not there. This is a must-see tour to witness!

Motionless in White members:

Chris "Motionless" Cerulli – lead vocals

Ryan Sitkowski – lead guitar

Ricky "Horror" Olson – rhythm guitar

Vinny Mauro – drums

Justin Morrow – bass, backing vocals


The Whorror @Tape


Sign of Life

Immaculate Misconception


Thoughts & Prayers




Brought to You by ZOMBite! @Tape



Another Life

Devil's Night

City Lights

FaceTime with Zombie @Tape


Not My Type: Dead as Fuck 2

Nothing Ever After


Scoring the End of the World


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