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Looking back with the Indian folk metal/ Nu metal band Bloodywood May 2023

My introduction to Bloodywood a couple of years ago was their video “Dana Dan” from their debut album Rakshak. The album Lyrically, it tackles social and political topics, such as the fifth track, "Dana-Dan", which discusses rape and sexual assault.  From Wikipedia: Along with the messages included in their songs, the band aims to support various social/charity causes. With the release of the video for their song "Jee Veerey", they gave away prepaid online counseling sessions.

Upon returning to India from their 2019 European tour, Bloodywood donated the earnings to Posh Foundation, a local NGO that cares for homeless animals, for the purchase of a new ambulance.

A year ago this month, I had the pleasure of covering Bloodywood’s show at the Gothic Theatre. What a sight to see and this was only the beginning. Introducing their songs they would speak of dealing with hardships, social issues and being positive with one’s self and everyone listened and seemed to absorb their words. They had a strong and positive tone in their music. 

I heard from a member of Bloodywood a few weeks ago asking if I would send them the pictures from this show, I was happy to do so. I asked when they may return to the US, he said next year 2025. I look forward to covering their show when they return. Enjoy my pics “looking back” upon a great night of music. 

Bloodywood members:

Karan Katiyar – guitars, flute, production, composition

Jayant Bhadula – vocals, growls

Raoul Kerr – rap vocals

Touring members:

Sarthak Pahwa – dhol

Roshan Roy – bass

Vishesh Singh – drums


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