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Looking back to 2022 and the new out outfits worn by the members of the band Ghost known as “The Nameless Ghouls”

For decades in the world of performing music live on stage, bands like Kiss, Gwar, Slipknot, Lordi, Starset, Ghost and others have worn heavy makeup, strange looking outfits from painting their faces, bodies, wearing space suits, monster costumes, and robots just to name a few. Fans and photographers love it! The 5 bands I have mentioned here I have covered and they were memorable nights.

The first three times I covered Ghost, The Nameless Ghouls all wore black outfits with silver masks. Only Tobias Forge, lead singer, was dressed differently.


In 2022, again I had the pleasure of covering Ghost for the 4th time and it was a photographer's delight. Lighting for their shows was always great and their new outfits were off the charts. Add catchy songs like, “Square Hammer”, (video below) and you have a very entertaining and fun night. I hope you enjoy the pictures here as much as I did taking them.


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