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Looking Back: 1977 Styx Omaha NE, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre 2018

In the summer of 1977 I purchased an inexpensive camera called the HANIMEX PRAKTICA super tl II. It came with a body, a flash and 3 lenses. A 35mm, 50mm, 135mm. All for the price of $125.00 from a catalog company in Chicago. A few weeks after I bought it, I was going to a concert, Styx and April Wine. I thought I would take my camera along and take pictures. I knew nothing of concert photography back then and didn’t think twice about walking in with a camera. Nobody said anything and off I went. 

I got in front of the stage, no barrier and thought this was the coolest thing ever but, shooting a concert with a manual focusing lens was a real challenge. I moved around after that and I don’t remember how many pics I took. I posted 3 here. Fast forward 41 years later to Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre in Centennial Colorado. An outdoor venue with a capacity of 18,000. The line up was, Joan Jett, Tesla, and Styx. The line-up had changed in 2018 for Styx but not the music. It was a great night of music and on Tuesday, June 25th 2024, Styx returns to the Ball Arena in Denver on their farewell tour with Foreigner and John Waite. I will have the pleasure of covering this show 47 years after I photographed them the first time. 

2018 members: 

James "J.Y." Young – guitars, backing and lead vocals, occasional keyboards 

Chuck Panozzo – bass, occasional backing vocals

Tommy Shaw – guitars, lead and backing vocals, occasional mandolin and banjo 

Todd Sucherman – drums, percussion, occasional backing vocals 

Lawrence Gowan – keyboards, lead and backing vocals, occasional acoustic guitar

Will Evankovich – guitar, backing vocals, occasional mandolin and keyboards 


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