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Lindsey Stirling brings her Snow Waltz Tour to a sold out Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs,

It was cold and windy when I arrived at the World Arena in Colorado Springs last night from Denver, but my thoughts were on seeing Lindsey Stirling again. As I made my way out to the stage, there was something I’ve always seen at Lindsey’s shows in the past, family’s. Grandparents, mom’s and dad’s and kids of all ages. It really adds to the atmosphere for the show.

On the stage was a small house with a door and windows on each side. The lights came down and cheers from the audience filled the venue. The sound of Lindsey’s violin filled the air as she walked by the windows and then the door opened and Lindsey danced her way across the stage to her cheering fans. To the song, “Sleigh Ride” she moved gracefully around the stage with a smile that would light up the venue. I have captured that smile many times.

At the end of the song, Lindsey took to the microphone to talk to her fans and thank them for being there. She also expressed her love for Colorado as it has been an important part in her life and career here. And as she has in past shows she asks the question, have you seen me before. It was when she asked how many were seeing her for the first time, the volume of cheers from the crowd surprised her. And in true form Lindsey says, gee, I’ve only been touring for 10 years, which brought a roar of laughter from her fans.

She started the next song with, “Xmas Come On” and her dancers joined her in bright colored dresses and they all moved in sync together about the stage. Throughout the evening the dancers would come and go and there were costume changes for both them and Lindsey. At times Lindsey would talk to her audience about life and struggles but always with a positive tone.

Lindsey was then set up with a belt and harness in which she would swing back and forth across the stage as she played. Sometimes running herself and then would be lifted high above the stage swinging back and forth. Watching everything that was going on throughout the evening, the ease at which costume changes happened, the house was moved off the stage, rigging was set for the aerial moves that the ladies would do. A production that ran smooth as a well oiled machine.

Three hoops were lowered onto the stage and Lindsey took the center one and two of the dancers took the others. The ladies were raised up and spinning, they moved around these hoops with only the strength of their arms and legs. Doing splits, hanging by their feet and more. It was exhilarating to watch. Throughout all of this, the music flowed, with some Christmas songs and others from her last album, Snow Waltz. I was really tickled when I heard “Crystallize”, that was the first song I ever heard from Lindsey many years ago.

As the show came to a close, Lindsey along with all the dancers said goodnight to a cheering and clapping crowd, showing their appreciation for the amazing show.

People who know me well, will tell you, I can not recommend a Lindsey Stirling show enough and take the whole family!

Lindsey Stirling and her touring members,

Drew Steen – drums, percussion

Ryan Riveros - keyboards, guitars


Sleigh Ride @Cover

Xmas Come On

Warmer in the Winter

Let It Snow

Joy to the World

Jingle Bells / Deck the Halls / It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas / Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer / Hedwig's Theme / Feliz Navidad / Devil Went Down to Georgia @Info[Instrumental]

Feliz Navidad @Cover

O Holy Night

Angels We Have Heard on High @Cover


Snow Waltz

Sugar Plum

Santa Baby @Cover

Carol of the Bells @Cover

Ice Storm

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen





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