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Kamelot Awaken The World Tour 2024 lights up the Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO May 14th, 2024

This was a tour I was very excited about when it was announced. Though I covered Kamelot’s tour last year, joining them this year was Hammerfall who I had not seen since 2019 and on their first US tour was Switzerland’s own Ad Infinitum

There was a lot of buzz about Ad Infinitum and their lead vocalist, Melissa Bonny who started this as a solo project and then turned it into a full band. They signed with Napalm Records in 2019 and have released three albums.

An excited crowd let out a cheer as the lights dropped and Ad Infinitum took the stage and opened their set with the powerful song, “Unstoppable” from their 2021 album, Chapter II: Legacy and was the beginning of a night of symphonic/power metal. Though their set was short, 30 minutes, the crowd was mesmerized by Melissia’s powerful vocals mixing between melodic and guttural roars. Touching on songs from their three albums, they also added their new song, “Outer Space” which the crowd loved.

Lead guitarist Adrian Theßenvitz wowed the crowd with his magic on his 8 string guitar as he moved about the stage throwing a few kicks into the air. The interaction on stage and with the crowd was fun to watch and the cheering from everyone got louder and louder after each song. Finishing their set with, “Into the Night” from their 2021 album, Chapter II: Legacy and as the band said good night the crowd let out a deafening roar of thanks for a great set.

AD Infinitum members:

Melissa Bonny – vocals (2018–present)

Adrian Theßenvitz – guitars (2019–present)

Niklas Müller – drums (2019–present)

Korbinian Benedict – bass (2020–present)



Eternal Rains

Outer Space

See You in Hell

Upside Down


Into the Night

With a quick turnover on stage, Hammerfall came out one by one to a roaring crowd and started their set with “Brotherhood” from their 2022 album, Hammer of Dawn and the Swedish power metalers set the tone for a high energy set of music. If there is a band that can get a crowd jumping and moving from the very first song and keep it up throughout their set of music, it’s Hammerfall. Their fans old and new, young and old flock to their high energy shows. Their second song, 2009’s “Any Means Necessary” had the crowd singing along with the band and the interaction on stage and with the crowd is always so fun to watch and for me, to photograph.

Their set was a time table of songs from 2008’s “Renegade”, 1998’s “Let the Hammer Fall” to their new song, 2024’s “Hail to the King” from the album, Avenge the Fallen. As the members moved about the stage they would gather together and head bang throwing their hair, leaning on each other and pointing out to the crowd to join in. Guitarist Oscar Dronjak then starts his back bend while playing and Joacim helps out fingering his guitar with him. When Hammerfall started the song, “Hammer High”, they didn’t need to urge the crowd to join in, the fist pumping and singing from the crowd almost drowned out the band.  

Hammerfall closed out their powerful set with 2009’s, “Hearts on Fire”. Their fans wanted more but to the cheering crowd they bowed and said good night.

Hammerfall members:

Oscar Dronjak – guitars, backing vocals (1993–present)

Joacim Cans – lead vocals (1996–present)

Fredrik Larsson – bass (1994–1997, 2007–present)

Pontus Norgren – guitars, backing vocals (2008–present)

David Wallin – drums (2014–present)



Any Means Necessary 

Heeding the Call 

Hammer of Dawn 


Hammer High 

Last Man Standing 

Let the Hammer Fall 

Hail to the King 

(We Make) Sweden Rock 

Hearts on Fire 

With the turn over of the stage, I saw something I had not seen before. The stage crew moved 2 large equipment cases into the pit at center stage and stood them on end.

I had a good idea why those were there.

With the “Overture” tape starting and the lights down, Kamelot moved onto the stage and opened their set with, “The Great Divide” from 2023’s album, The Awakening and vocalist Tommy Karevik moved out to the top of the equipment cases and leaned over the crowd while pouring out is powerful vocals. The crowd would join in and sing along with the band from song to song as the band would move through time with songs, 2007’s “Rule the World”, 2001’s “Karma” and 2015’s “Insomnia”. Guitarist Thomas Youngblood moved about and would step out on the equipment boxes to mesmerize the crowd with his solos and urging them on which he really didn’t need to. The fans were so into Kamelot's music and the energy flowing from the stage.

Returning to the stage with Kamelot was the amazing vocalist from Ad Infinitum, Melissa Bonny in a stylish outfit with a mask and headpiece. (see photo gallery) Her powerful enraged vocals only heightened the energy coming from the stage. In between songs the crowd would chant, Kamelot, Kamelot and Tommy would step up and let the crowd know about the next song and the roar would be deafening. Tommy started singing Queen's classic, “We Will Rock You” which then led to a drum solo by Alex Landenburg. 

With the evening winding down, Kamelot finished their amazing show with, “Liar Liar” (Wasteland Monarchy) from 2015. With very loud cheering coming from the crowd, Kamelot said good night. 

I was at the venue early in the day and had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Bonny and talking with her a bit and she signed a picture that I had taken of her when she was with Kamelot last year. After the show, Melissa met with some of her Pateron supporters and did pictures and chatted with everyone. Add to that, three incredible performances by Ad Infinitum, Hammerfall, and Kamelot and this will be one of my most memorable concerts! 

Kamelot members:

Thomas Youngblood – guitars, backing vocals (1987–present)

Oliver Palotai – keyboards, additional guitars (2005–present)

Sean Tibbetts – bass (1991–1992, 2009–present)

Tommy Karevik – lead vocals (2012–present)

Alex Landenburg – drums, percussion (2019–present)

Melissa Bonny - guest vocalist


Overture @Tape

The Great Divide

Rule the World 

Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem) 


When the Lights Are Down 

Vespertine (My Crimson Bride) 

New Babylon 


Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) 



Drum Solo

March of Mephisto 


One More Flag in the Ground

Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy 


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