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Extreme sells out the Ogden Theater in Denver, CO February 14th, 2024

In 2023, Extreme released their first album in 15 years and followed it up with their Thicker Than Blood Tour. When I got to the Ogden Theater the line was around the block with excited fans. Once inside the air was electric in  anticipation for a show set to bring two hours of Extreme’s classic songs and new music from their latest album release.

As the lights came down a tape, “Sacrifice - Hail to the King” started and soon Extreme made their way out onto stage to a roar from their fans that rocked the packed Ogden Theater. Opening their set with “It’s a Monster” from their very popular album, 1990’s Pornograffitti. The energy level exploded as lead vocalist Gary Cerone bounced his way onto the stage and never seemed to stop moving.

From that point on the band moved about interacting with each other and their fans as they moved through a 24 song setlist Stepping back in time with some of their great classic hits, “Hip Today” from the 1995 album, Punchline, 1992’s “Cupid’s Dead” from III Sides to every Story. Songs from their new album, Six, “#Rebel”, “Other Side of the Rainbow”. Then guitarist Nuno Bettencourt played the first notes to the song, “Am I Ever Gonna Change”

and the hair on my arms stood right up, this is my favorite Extreme song! Yes, it still does that 30+ years later.

The night was winding down but the energy level was not, I was tired just watching and listening to them. Extreme finished a great night of music with, 

“SMALL TOWN BEAUTIFUL / Song for Love Six” and 

“RISE” both from their new album, Six.

As Extreme said good night, the cheers, applause, from their fans was awesome to see and listen to! There are still a few shows left on this tour, get out and see this great energic show!

Extreme are:

Gary Cherone – lead vocals 

Nuno Bettencourt – guitars, keyboards, piano, backing and lead vocals, brass and orchestration arrangements 

Pat Badger – bass, backing vocals 

Kevin Figueiredo – drums, percussion, occasional backing vocals


 Sacrifice - Hail to the King @Tape

It ('s a Monster) It pornograffitti 1990

Decadence Dance

#REBEL 2023 Six

Rest in Peace

Hip Today 1995 Punchline

Teacher's Pet / Flesh 'n' Blood / Wind Me Up / Kid Ego / Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today)

Play With Me @Info[With Queen’s “We Will Rock You” intro]


Hole Hearted

Cupid's Dead 1992 III Sides to every Story 

Eruption @Cover

Am I Ever Gonna Change


Midnight Express


More Than Words 1990 album Pornograffitti,


Take Us Alive / That's All Right

Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee 2010 Take Us Alive

Get the Funk Out


RISE 2023 Six



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