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A night of Hip-Hop and Rap with rising star Ekoh

Earlier in the week, I was asked to cover Ekoh  at the Roxy Theater in Denver, Colorado. I have never covered a Hip-Hop/Rap show but it sounded like fun. I was not disappointed and had a lot of fun!

I arrived at the Roxy a little before 6pm for the meet and greet and pizza party. Beloved lifestyle + sneaker brand VANS were on site giving away free swag. The line was down the block and around the corner. The first surprise of the evening was, what this night would cost per person. If you were wearing a pair of Vans shoes, it was free, if not it was a $10.00 dollar donation to Musicares. That included the meet and greet with Ekoh, pizza and free swag from Vans, like a nice pull over hoodie. I would have to go back to the early 70’s to see a show for $10.00.

The air was electric in the Roxy, fans lined up to meet Ekoh, getting swag from Vans and devouring the pizza. And as I have been seeing in recent years, more and more parents are bringing their kids to the shows. Seeing the kids meet Ekoh wide eyed and a little shy was a treat.

With over 600k followers on FaceBook, 200k+ on Instagram and gaining almost 10,000 new followers a day, Ekoh’s music is streamed 30k per day. His fans are called, #HeartHopGang and there's a Facebook page dedicated to them. 

9 o'clock and the lights come down and Ekoh walks to the front of the stage with a roar from his fans that was deafening. For approximately the next hour and a half Ekoh had his fans dancing, jumping, singing along with him with songs, “Hurt Yourself”, “Mayday”, “Butterfly”, “I Don’t want to be here”. Ekoh jumped and moved all over the stage, the lights dancing with him and in between songs he talked with the crowd and high five with them. The energy from the stage and the crowd was exhausting to watch, I am sure no one there had any problem sleeping when they got home, I didn't.

Ekoh finished his set with the crowd hoping for more. Very   

graciously and appreciative he said good night to his fans. What a great experience for me to cover Ekoh’s show, a must see for everyone! I look forward to doing it again along with other artists in this genre.   

Artist: Ekoh


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