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Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium November 17th, 2023

A few months ago I received a press release about Everglow, a K-pop group from South Korea that would be touring the US. As I like to do with any press release of bands I am not familiar with, I check them out. My go to for this is YouTube, I love watching videos and seeing the creativity from artist’s and videographers they work with. The first video I watched by Everglow was, “LA DI DA MV” and I immediately put their tour date for Denver on my calendar.

Next, what is K-pop? According to Wikipedia, K-pop is short for, Korean Popular Music, is a form of popular music originating in South Korea as part of South Korean culture. It includes styles and genres from around the world, such as pop, hip hop, rock, jazz, electronic dance and others on top of its traditional Korean music roots. There is much more to read about this on Wikipedia. I always enjoy trying something new in the music world and this would be no exception!

I enjoy covering shows at the Fillmore Auditorium. It's a really nice venue with its large chandeliers and stage, great sound and the staff there is always great to work with. This show was a seated show which I had never seen there before. There was a lot of electricity in the air as Everglow’s fans took their seats. The lights dimmed as the intro music started and the cheers and screams from the audience were deafening. Everglow came out under solid red lighting to the center of the stage and started their show with, “FIRST” from their 2021 album, Last Melody and the ladies took over the stage with their choreographed dance and movements and vocals.

With a tall stage and monitors to boot, I, like the other photographers that I shared the pit with, had to work our way between and around the monitors. Everglow continued with their movements and dances around each other and their fans cheered them on. One by one, each of the members would move to the front as the others expanded around them. The lights were bright and the ladies were dressed in light colored outfits. “Slay” coming from their latest album, All My Girls brought screaming from the crowd as the ladies moved about synchronized with the music and vocals.

I notest one of the girls, Aisha, had a split on her wrist and hand. I read she had injured her arm but she moved about effortlessly like nothing had happened. Throughout their show at times the ladies would stand and talk with the crowd which brought cheers of, “we love you” from their fans. For me to watch and photograph this show was an experience and I had to be creative considering I had to work around the monitors. But, that's what concert photography is all about, every show is a little different.

As Everglow moved to their choreographed dancing, at times laying on the stage and rising up and moving about with ease. Vocalist Sihyeon had the stage to herself as she sang, “Love on Top”. Then it was Mia’s turn to own the stage with, “I Shot Cupid”. The ladies finished their show with, “Back Together” and “Bon Bon Chocolat”. Their fans were on their feet screaming, cheering and waving showing their appreciation for a great performance. I look forward to seeing them again and other artist’s like this.

It was a great experience!

Check out their video here...

Everglow are:

E:U - rapper

Sihyeon - leader, vocalist

Mia - vocalist

Onda - vocalist

Aisha - vocalist, rapper

Yiren -vocalist, rapper



SLAY 2023




Don’t Speak


Hush 2019

Oh Ma Ma God

Love on Top @Cover, @Info[(Sihyeon Solo Stage)]

I Shot Cupid @Cover, @Info[Mia Solo Stage]

Physical @Cover, E:U / Onda / Yiren Unit Dance Stage]

Super Shy / Queencard / Super / BOOMBAYAH @Info[Dance Cover Stage]






Back Together

Bon Bon Chocolat 2019


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