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Tesla’s Keepin’ It Real Tour packs Denver Colorado’s Mission Ballroom June 11th 2024

I am always excited for concert night, there’s nothing like standing in front of a stage photographing some of the greatest musicians on the planet. Add to that, seeing a band you are not familiar which turns you into an instant fan. That's what Kurt Deimer did opening the show on his Be Kind Tour. Kurt is not only a musician but an actor as well. The lights came down and a roar from the crowd filled the venue as the large video screen lit up with clips from movies Kurt has been in. There was also a clip from his new movie coming out soon, Hellbilly Hollow. Opening his set with “Doom” he set the tone for a powerful and thought provoking set of music. Kurt has released a number of singles over the last couple of years and has an EP from 2021, Work Hard, Rock Hard. 

As Kurt moved through his songs, he was moving about the stage engaging the crowd and making various facial expressions. In between songs he would talk about living life always looking to the positive side when introducing the next song. As he was walking across the stage he said, tomorrow morning I want all of you to wake up and do whatever you want. You want to jump from an airplane, do it, live your life, you don’t when you will die. This song is “Live or Die”. The band finished off this powerful set with “Fight” and after that he let the crowd know he would be at the merch table and wanted to meet everyone, take pictures and sign whatever you like. I did just that and met a very gracious man that appreciated everyone. Thank you Kurt Deimer and the excellent musicians that tour with you for a great show of music.

Kurt Deimer - vocals

Phil X - guitar

Brendan Hengle - rhythm guitar  

Marco Pera - bass

Isaiah Perez - drums 





Have a Cigar @Cover


Whatcha Sayin'

Big Toe

Live or Die



With the stage now set, Tesla took the stage to an energized crowd, and started their set with, “Cumin' Atcha Live” from their 1986 album, Mechanical Resonance to their cheering fans. Staying with that album they delighted their fans with “Modern Day Cowboy” and a flash back to the days of MTV. I remember calling in sick to work so I could stay home and watch MTV all day. With the stage well lit and a little fog occasionally flowing, I moved about photographing the energy coming from the band. Lead singer Jeff Keith moved about the stage with the energy of a five year old on a candy rush. Moving through a timeless set of classic songs, the energy level was high even when they did the song “Paradise” acoustically

The interaction of the band members with dueling guitars and solos that were mesmerizing, engaging with the crowd and a little bantering, kept their fans rocking out. This was an older crowd but you couldn’t tell by their enthusiasm, energy and their love for Tesla. Seeing Tesla live was returning to the 80’s and the timeless music that was created back then. Regardless of your age, this is a show to see and witness some of the nostalgia from a great decade of music. 

Tesla are:

Brian Wheat – bass, backing vocals, keyboards, piano (1981–1996, 2000–present)

Frank Hannon – guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, organ, theremin, bass, mandolin, harmonica (1981–1996, 2000–present)

Jeff Keith – lead vocals (1984–1996, 2000–present)

Dave Rude – guitar, backing vocals, bass (2006–present)

Steve Brown – drums, percussion (2021–present)


Cumin' Atcha Live

Modern Day Cowboy

Gettin' Better

All About Love

Walk Away @Cover

Forever More

Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)

Miles Away 2004


Paradise @Info[Acoustic]

Love Me

Call It What You Want

What You Give

Song & Emotion

Love Song

Little Suzi @Cover

Signs @Cover


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