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Ministry smokes up the Mission Ballroom in Denver Colorado April 2nd 2024

It was back to the 80’s night at the Mission Ballroom with industrial pioneers Ministry, Gary Numan, regarded as a pioneer of electronic music, and the electro-industrial sound of Front Line Assembly. Denver was the 27th stop on this 29 city tour and if you thought the energy level may not be like the earlier shows, you would be dead wrong!

Canada’s Front Line Assembly got the night started on the heavy fog filled stage with the song, “I.E.D.” from their 2010 album, Improvised Electronic Device. As the lights danced through the fog, Bill Leeb moved about the stage engaging the crowd as FLA moved through their short but strong set to set the tone for the evening. This was my first time seeing FLA and I really enjoyed their set.

Front Line Assembly are:

Bill Leeb - vocals, keyboard, percussion

Rhys Fulber – keyboard, programming, percussion

Jared Slingerland - guitarist and electronics




Neologic Spasm



Shifting Through the Lens



I was excited to see Gary Numan for the first time and I was blown away by his performance! The stage was almost fog free when Gary took to the mic and started his set with, “Everything Comes Down to This” from his 2013 album, Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind). Throughout his set Gary and his microphone were “one”. He was very animated moving about the stage, and at times it looked like he was dancing with the microphone. I was having a great time photographing him. (see photo gallery) Guitarist Steve Harris and bassist Tim Slade, also moved their way around the stage and the very enthusiastic crowd roared after every song.

Moving through time with songs, “The Chosen”, “Is This World Not Enough”, “My Name Is Ruin”, the video in which his daughter Persia was featured in and provided backing vocals. And we can’t forget, “Cars” his biggest hit. Gary finished a very entertaining set with, “A Prayer for the Unborn”. I look forward to seeing Gary Numan again.

Gary Numan - vocals

Cedric Sharpley - drums

Steve Harris - guitars

David Brooks - keyboards

Tim Slade - bass guitar


Everything Comes Down to This


The Chosen



Love Hurt Bleed

Is This World Not Enough



Pray for the Pain You Serve

My Name Is Ruin

A Prayer for the Unborn

The stage was now set for, Ministry and the heavy fog returned as the band made their way onto the stage with a roar from the crowd. They started their set with four tracks off their newest album, HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES which was just released in early March. “B.D.E.” was first and Al was joined by guest vocalist Leni Badpenny. Al moved about the stage and would announce the name of each song. This next song is called, “Goddamn White Trash”, with its brutal lyrics and powerful sound, the crowd started moving.

But Al didn't move around, he acted like he was lurking around the stage. Moving to the front of the stage bending over slightly, looking over the granny glasses he was wearing, reaching out with his hand as if he was warning you. At times guitarist Cesar Soto would put a foot up on a monitor and with his eyes wide open, would glare into the crowd.

As Ministry moved through their set, the crowd moved on the floor to the powerful sound pouring out from the stage. Ministry finished their opening set with three crowd moving songs, “Stigmata”, “Thieves”, and one of my favorites, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. After a short break, the band returned and capped off their night with “Burning Inside” and “So What”. With a cheering crowd, Gary Numan joined Al on stage for one last song, “Ricky’s Hand”

Al said thank you so much! And I in return thank all the bands for a great night of music!

Ministry members:

Al Jourgensen – vocals/guitar

Cesar Soto - guitar

Monte Pittman - guitar

Paul D'Amour - bass

Roy Mayorga - drums

John Bechdel - keys

Leni Badpenny guest vocalist



Just Stop Oil

Goddamn White Trash

New Religion

Alert Level

Broken System


Just One Fix

The Missing




Jesus Built My Hotrod

Burning Inside

So What

Ricky's Hand (Fad Gadget cover) ( with Gary Numan)


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