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Lords of Acid bring their Make Acid Great Again tour to Denver, Colorado’s Reelworks May 28th 2024

Concert night and I was heading to ReelWorks, a venue I had not covered a tour in before. When I walked in the first thing I noticed, it was very open spaced and easy to move around in. Within a few minutes of walking around the venue I knew I was going to like it here. Great layout! Here's the link to their website, check out the pictures.

Starting the night off was DEVORA who had just joined the tour and this was their first show. From her YouTube channel, “A desperado of modern culture, DEVORA, bridges outlaw country melodies with dark pop hooks drawing you into her surrealist western world. 

Coining the genre, “Outlaw Pop”, DEVORA weaves visual soundscapes from a moody surrealist wild-west dream world.” 

I found her vocals to be sultry and haunting throughout her set, adding a bit of darkness in her sound and in the lyrics in her songs. She captured the crowd's attention and mine during her short set. I believe she made many new fans this night, I being one of them. Check out her video, “God Is Dead” below.


A short turnover of the stage and PLACK BLAGUE brings their INDUSTRIAL-DANCE "LEATHER BAND" to the ReelWorks crowd. Raws Schlesinger took over the microphone singing and dancing throughout his set. Mixing in hard Industrial sounds with throbbing dance beats, Raws would dance about the stage as he sang. At times he would stop raising his hands to the sky then would drop down on one knee, then rise up and move again spinning and singing. It was an interesting set of sight and sound and the crowd enjoyed him.

Performing his solo set, PRAGA KHAN posed at his synthesizer Praga Khan opened his set with the song, “Love” and the crowd was moving. With a mix of genres ranging from, techno, trance and industrial dance you can’t help moving to the music, don’t fight it, just move. Praga would move about a bit and interact with his fans then return to his synthesizer. Though his set was short, he set the tone for the rest of the night when he would return to the stage with his band Lords of Acid.



My Mind Is My Enemy

Breakfast in Vegas


The Power of the Flower

Luv U Still

One of the fun parts of being a concert photographer is meeting people on the rail and talking music and photographing concerts. I get asked, where can they see my photos and reviews and then we talk about bands, tours, new music, bands we hadn’t heard of and share our experiences together. And, make new friends. I love this world, it’s a drug, a very good drug.

A roar from the crowd came as drummer Galen Waling took to his kit. Praga Khan took over his synthesizer. I don’t Lords of Acid could have opened their set with a better song than, “Sex Bomb”, this is how to get a crowd moving and speaking of moving, making his way out on stage was guitarist, Creighton Emrick rising and wrapping his guitar around his body as he moved to the front of the stage. Close behind was bassist DieTrich Thrall. After a minute or so, vocalist Gigi Ricci came out swinging a leather crop whip as she made her way to the front of the stage. Wearing a full body fishnet covered with a black leather corset bodysuit. (see photo gallery) She stopped, bent over and started throwing her hair. And this was just the first song.

This would continue throughout their set of great music. Gigi would move about the stage pouring out her sultry and sexy vocals as Creighton and Die moved around and Praga fingers danced across his keys. The crowd was really into the music and they were moving about with each song throughout the entire set. Lords of Acid finished their high energy set with, “I Sit on Acid” and bid farewell to their fans and their fans returned with cheering and screaming for a great show.

Lords of Acid are:

Praga Khan – keyboards, programming, backing vocals

Galen Waling – live drums

DieTrich Thrall – live bass

Gigi Ricci – lead vocals

Creighton Emrick - live guitars


Sex Bomb

Scrood Bi U


The Most Wonderful Girl

Mr. Machoman

Out Comes the Evil

You Belong to Me

Spank My Booty

(A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship the Lords

Rough Sex / Take Control

Rubber Doll



Hey Ho! 

The Crablouse

Drink My Honey

I Sit on Acid


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