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How Our Client Reached 10 Million Views!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

For a client, we just recently created a brand new Instagram account for, they reached 10 MILLON VIEWS on the 4th post we created for them! Here are a few interesting things about this.

First, this is insane and shows anyone or any business can put out a piece of content that can go “viral” no matter the size of the following. Secondly, the client hired us to come out and create content onsite. This does two things, allows us to get content we know will work and help tell their story. It also allows us to learn more about their business and process!

The third and really interesting thing about this post is that it was a reel posted to Instagram with the allow sharing to Facebook checked. This post got to 5-6k views pretty fast on Instagram then paused. Then moved up to around 60k on Instagram with hardly any plays on Facebook. The next time I check on this video (within a day or two) it had 550k views mostly coming from Facebook and has steadily gone up to the current 7.4 million that it is at now when writing this (since being published it has reached 10 million views).

Last thing about this and it’s hard for it to be negative but with the views mostly coming from Facebook to gain followers they have to click off of Facebook, open up Instagram, click on the profile and then click the Follow button on Instagram. Which is highly unlikely in today's world. The page has more than tripled its following up from around 30-40 when the video was posted but if the 7.4M would had happened natively on Instagram I’d guess the following would be in the couple thousand right now. Either way, it’s a HUGE win for the brand of the company!

I found this super interesting and thought I would share this as a fun follow-up to kicking off P1 Manufacturing's social media accounts. I appreciate them allowing me to share our side of things. The content I’ve posted so far barely scratches the surface of the cool stuff we will be posting for them. Lots to come so go them a follow!


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