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Battle Beast returns to North America on their very first headlining tour. The Circus of Doom Over North America, stops at Englewood, CO’s Gothic Theatre May 17th 2024

This past Friday night I joined the long line of fans at the Gothic Theatre for a night of heavy/power/alternative/symphonic metal. I enjoy getting to the venues early to hang out with friends and fans, it always adds to a fun night. 

The buzz among the crowd was about BlackBriar, an alternative/symphonic metal band from the Netherlands supporting Battle Beast on this tour. It is their first time touring the US.

Blackbriar opened their set with “Crimson Faces” from their 2023 album, A Dark Euphony and right away the power from the band poured from the stage. Vocalist Zora Cock made her way to the front of the stage to a cheering crowd and her symphonic voice filled the venue. Bassist, Siebe Sol Sijpkens was bouncing all over the stage and he had a GoPro attached to his bass. Some wild videos may show up on the band's social media sites. Their music is a mixture of storytelling, folklore, fantasy and real life experiences. Throughout their set their fans new and old were mesmerized by Zora’s vocals which filled the air.

Blackbriar closed out their set with “Until Eternity” from their 2017 EP, Fractured Fairytales and the crowd roared with appreciation for a great set!

Blackbriar members:

Zora Cock – vocals (2012–present)

René Boxem – drums (2012–present)

Bart Winters – lead guitar (2012–present)

Robin Koezen – rhythm guitar (2016–present)

Ruben Wijga – keyboards (2019–present)

Siebe Sol Sijpkens – bass (2022–present, live 2021)


Crimson Faces 

I'd Rather Burn 

The Séance 

My Soul's Demise 

Arms of the Ocean 


Deadly Diminuendo

Lilith Be Gone


Until Eternity 

As the stage was being prepared for Battle Beast, I noticed a row of lights and spotlights behind the drum kit and more along the sides of the stage. With the fog flowing heavily across the stage, I knew I was in for some wild lighting to go along with a high energy show. I assure you, I was not disappointed. (see the photo gallery)

With a flicker of light from the stage, the crowd roared as Battle Beast took the stage and started their set with, “Circus of Doom” from their 2022 album of the same name.Vocalist Noora Louhimo made her way out to center stage and the power from Battle Beast filled the Gothic Theatre.

Noora with her traditional horns on her head, wearing a black and gold bodysuit with arm length sleeves lined with long thin leather strips that flowed with her movements across the stage. Before the song “Familiar Hell” Noora welcomed everyone to the biggest heavy metal party in Denver and if there is a song to get a crowd moving, “Familiar Hell” was it. (A personal favorite) It wasn’t long before a mosh pit was started and the energy level was pounding the walls.

With the lights coming from everywhere dancing through the fog, the band was playing their hearts out and the crowd was feeling it. Songs like, “Where Angels Fear to Fly”, “Wings of Light” and “Eden” kept the crowd fist pumping and moving, ending their set. With the crowd cheering, Battle Beast, Battle Beast, the band returned with an extended encore of four songs starting with, “The Force Theme / The Imperial March” and with “Beyond Burning Skies” An amazing night of heavy/power metal came to an end. To a very loud cheering crowd, Battle Beast said good night. 

There are still 10 shows left on this tour, it is a must tour to experience! 

Battle Beast members:

Juuso Soinio – rhythm guitar[25] (2008–present)

Pyry Vikki – drums (2008–present)

Eero Sipilä – bass, backing vocals (2008–present)

Janne Björkroth – keyboards, backing vocals (2008–present)

Noora Louhimo – lead vocals (2012–present)

Joona Björkroth – lead guitar, backing vocals (2015–Present)


Circus of Doom

Straight to the Heart

Familiar Hell 


Place That We Call Home

No More Hollywood Endings 

Eye of the Storm

Without You @Cover

Where Angels Fear to Fly 

Bastard Son of Odin

Russian Roulette

Wings of Light


The Force Theme / The Imperial March @Cover

Master of Illusion 

King for a Day

Beyond the Burning Skies

Top Gun Anthem @Tape @Cover


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